EXODUS DAMAGE  is a music video shot on film for John Vanderslice, from his album PIXEL REVOLT, released on Barsuk Records.

All still photography was shot on 35mm film. Most of it is by John Vanderslice himself. 

The Super 8mm film was mostly shot in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.  

Chris Zabriskie shot additional Super 8mm footage in the Pacific Northwest of America. Zabriskie also served as Producer and Co-editor.

Thomas Aske Berg plays the lead. He shot a roll of 35mm film with the broken Russian rangefinder as we were shooting his scenes in Brighton Beach.  

5min 5sec / Super8mm + 35mm 


Sundance Film Festival Insider

Money for Nothing: A History of the Music Video from the Beatles to the White Stripes
Top 100 Videos of All Time
by Saul Austerlitz

PASTE Magazine Issue 23

MTVu Video of the Year nominee

DoCopenhagen Top 50 Videos 2005